Success by Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers

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Fellow Designer,

In your career you may have been like me: Trying to keep projects on the rails and clients happy. Digging through blogs for useful advice. Wondering if there was a better way to handle all of the demands of being a design professional and running a creative business.

No matter whether you're a freelance designer, working at a studio or in-house group, or looking to bootstrap your own business, the wisdom contained in Success By Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers will help you become a stronger businessperson and better plan your career path as a design leader.

This book was born from in-depth interviews with a slew of successful designers, studio directors, project managers, and client service professionals across a wide range of creative industries.

This book contains the business secrets I needed the most when I started as a designer eighteen years ago. And now they're yours.


P.S. Please contact me at david (at) askthesherwins (daht) com if you'd seeking coaching for your studio or team. And check out these free chapters online about negotiation, handling feedback from clients, becoming a design leader, and how to increase profits for your creative business.

There’s no better resource on the business of design than Success By Design.
— Matthew E. May, author of The Laws of Subtraction and In Pursuit of Elegance
The best design business secrets are out of the bag—and it is about time! David has found a pithy and brilliant way to share the wisdom and knowledge that most of us had to learn the hard way. I wish I had this book when I was learning to run a design business unit at IDEO.
— Dr. Kristian Simsarian, Interaction Design program Chair at the California College of the Arts and IDEO Fellow
With your nose up against your monitor, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. This book reminds you to step back and take inventory of all of the things that impact the success of your projects, products, and teams.
— Kendra Shimmell, Director of Cooper U

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